Top Amenities for Every Resident at Birla Ojasvi

Birla Ojasvi

Every Resident at Birla Ojasvi

Birla Ojasvi apartment complex is spread over 25 acres. This luxury gated community has over 65 amenities for all age groups. These amenities are thoughtfully curated into four zones — ensuring something for everyone at Birla RR Nagar.

One of India’s leading real estate developers developed a landmark residential complex in East Bangalore, Birla Ojasvi. This gated community of luxury apartments was launched by Birla Limited and is designed with modern living spaces and curated amenities. Residents can expect an elevated lifestyle here — with Greek-themed homes, sustainable features, amenities for all age groups, and proximity to IT parks.

Well-planned green areas, sports amenities, parks, pergolas, and walkways adorn the open spaces in Birla Ojasvi. Individuals and families need to stay in the project to enjoy these facilities. Additionally, shopping areas and reputed educational & healthcare institutions are located near this apartment complex.

Birla Ojasvi Limited designed the project with world-class quality, architectural themes, and excellence in construction in mind. No wonder the launch of this highly anticipated project was quite successful, with hundreds of homes getting booked within a few days. Birla Ojasvi RR Nagar is expected to become a landmark in Bangalore’s residential real estate, thanks to its dedication to excellence & its commitment to creating an opulent, fulfilling lifestyle for its customers.

Importance of Amenities in Luxury Residential Living

In India, amenities are one of the significant differences between regular flats and well-planned apartment complexes. The difference becomes more pronounced in large gated communities.

In luxury residential living, amenities transcend mere convenience; they are an oasis of relaxation, recreation, and wellness — fostering a balanced life. For example, state-of-the-art fitness centers help residents achieve their fitness goals, opulent clubhouses help them form social connections and host important events, and modern technology & security systems ensure peace of mind.

Amenities go beyond opulence and foster a sense of community by encouraging social interaction and contributing to creating a close-knit neighborhood. Community bonds are formed when families and individuals perform activities together — amidst impeccably landscaped gardens, sparkling water bodies, and curated social spaces. For instance, officegoers can play an invigorating game of tennis after their workday ends, while children can make friends in the play area, skating rink, or cycling track.

Amenities offer thoughtfully designed spaces with purpose and tranquillity in an urban setting. An escape from the bustling city life, amenities create a sanctuary of comfort and exclusivity for residents. These indulgences aren’t mere additions to the residential project; they are essential facets that enrich lifestyles, elevating them beyond the ordinary.

Birla Ojasvi Amenities — A Summary

At Birla Ojasvi, over 65 amenities across four distinct zones are curated for all age groups — from toddlers to seniors. Residents can pursue their interests at the Recreational Zone and celebrate amidst verdant greenery at Park & Plaza. Individuals and families alike can follow a healthy lifestyle at Active Zone, while kids can indulge in diverse activities at Kids Zone amidst enhanced safety. This luxury apartment complex offers many spaces for workshops & classes and areas to host cultural & community events.

5 Types of Amenities Available at Birla Ojasvi 

Active Amenities

  1. Birla Ojasvi benefits from multiple amenities for active living — including swimming pools, fitness centers, wellness facilities, and more. From intense workouts to serene meditation sessions, many health & wellness activities will keep residents healthy and recharged at all times. Here’s a detailed list of amenities in this Zone: Reflexology Walk, Basketball Court, Jogging Park, Fitness Corner, Activity FieldGrecian TrailLeisure Pool, Tennis Court, and Indoor and outdoor Swimming Pools.
  2. Swimming pools, gyms, basketball, and tennis courts are integral in helping families prioritize fitness amidst busy lives. Swimming is a full-body workout that supports cardiovascular health and is suitable for all ages. The well-equipped gyms at Birla Ojasvi RR Nagar cater to varied requirements, such as strength training, cardio, group classes, and more. Team sports such as basketball and tennis encourage community bonding and enhance agility & coordination.
  3. This Zone is the ideal antidote to sedentary lifestyles and long-term stress typical of today’s urban lives. These amenities still promote healthy habits in individuals & families, foster a culture of fitness & well-being, and help counter lifestyle-related health issues prevalent today.

Recreational Spaces

  1. Handpicked recreational amenities at this Zone will enable Birla Ojasvi residents to pursue their interests in the company of like-minded individuals. Varied activities like reading, open-air dining, relaxing by the water bodies, catching up with friends & family by bonfires, and watching favorite movies & series can be pursued at the clubhouses and community gathering areas.
  2. Spread over 77,850 sq ft, the three clubhouses feature Santorini architecture characterized by vibrant blues and whites. Pristine water bodies and the finest indoor pastimes make these clubs the epitome of luxury. Residents can experience unique community living and socialize over various indulgences designed for all ages.
  3. At Club Santorini, Club Athinios, and Club Syros, the amenities include a multifunctional hall, salon, spa, indoor play area for kids, coffee shop, restaurant, mini theatre, indoor games, coworking space, conference room, hobby room, banquet kitchen, banquet store, laundromat, banquet hall, necessities store, guest rooms, creche, clinic.
  4. Other recreational amenities at Birla Ojasvi are Santorini Village, a Meandering Pool, a Floating Deck, an Eco Pond, a Seniors Corner, a Bonfire Court, Meditation Pads, a Bio Pond, and more. Santorini Village is a unique space with multi-level decks, dome gazebos, a postcard alley, and a canopy dining area. Residents can enjoy al-fresco brunches and take photos in this area with their near & dear ones. While kids can spend time at the play area & activity lawn, elders can enjoy delicacies at the open kiosks and shop at the flea markets.

Children’s Play Zones and Parks

  1. Birla Ojasvi benefits kids of all ages — from toddlers to teenagers — as they can enjoy varied activities. Since all these amenities are located in areas where vehicles are not allowed, the safety of children is enhanced. A notable feature of this luxury gated community is Water Park, which is rarely seen anywhere in apartment complexes. The little ones will have a great time with their friends at the water slides, kids’ kids’ pool, play decks, and splash pool with fountain jets. At Birla Ojasvi, the list of amenities for kids includes an Aqua Park, a toddlers’ Pad, a Cycling Track, a Skating Lane, a Play Park, and more.

Green Spaces and Landscaping

  1. A special mention must be made of the Park & Plaza zone, a respite from the concrete jungle that usually characterizes our cities. At Birla Ojasvi, multiple green spaces host amenities that bring residents closer to nature. The outdoors comes alive with dense foliage, water cascades, pathways, lawns, theaters, and gardens. Couples can indulge in stargazing, families can celebrate festivals together, friends within the gated community can organize gatherings, officegoers can work from nature, and seniors can take leisurely walks.
  2. There’s a long list of amenities in this Zone, including Entrance Plaza, Fiesta Park, Portico, Amphitheatre, Olympus Plaza, BBQ & Picnic Park, Celebration Lawn, Pergola Trail, Outdoor Workspace, Cascading Waters, Foliage Cross, and Moon Garden. A glimpse of these amenities can be found in the Entrance Plaza, which also has a spiral staircase, a clock tower, and a telescope that can be used to gaze at stars, planets, comets, and more. The centrally located Olympus Plaza is designed with grand steps and water cascades. Inspired by the Parthenon of Acropolis, this space features columns in a graceful arc. In Bangalore’s bustling and ever-expanding city, amenities such as lush gardens, landscaped areas, walking trails, jogging tracks, picnic spots, and outdoor seating hold immense significance. These sanctuaries of serenity offer residents a retreat amidst the urban chaos — improving mental well-being and enhancing their connection with nature.
  3. From enabling active lifestyles to creating avenues for socializing and community bonding, these green spaces strike the right balance between the reality of urban life and the calming embrace of nature, which is a necessity. Thanks to these thoughtfully designed and carefully located amenities, Birla Ojasvi is a holistic haven that offers an elevated quality of life.

Security and Safety Features

  1. While finalizing one’s residence, some of the most critical parameters are the presence of 24/7 security personnel, measures taken to ensure surveillance, and access control for entry & exit of visitors. Birla Ojasvi features related to safety & security provide peace of mind for its residents. From alert security personnel to 24/7 monitoring and stringent access control, this apartment complex has all systems & processes in place to enhance the safety & security of the numerous families and individuals residing within its premises.
  2. Additionally, regular maintenance and housekeeping services ensure cleanliness & aesthetics and preserve property value. Timely upkeep enhances living standards and creates a sense of resident satisfaction, contributing to this community’s harmony.

Sustainability Initiatives

At Birla Ojasvi Limited, sustainability is a way of life. The company has yet to leave any stone unturned in ensuring that Birla Ojasvi features are eco-friendly and energy-efficient. At the home level, design features such as large windows help reduce lighting-related energy consumption. Advanced rainwater harvesting techniques help conserve water resources at the gated community level.

Moreover, recycled water is used in gardening and bathrooms, reducing the strain on groundwater and ensuring responsible water usage. At Birla Ojasvi, clean power is generated through solar panels — this helps reduce carbon emissions and the dependence on power sources that are harmful to the planet in the long run. Close to 78% of the project is open spaces — verdant greenery & many green spaces help residents experience organic living & biodiversity.


Every resident at Birla Ojasvi will be spoilt for choice regarding indulgences and experiences. Over 65 amenities are curated for all age groups ensuring that multiple activities, hobbies, or necessities can be fulfilled anytime for anyone from a toddler to a teenager.

With active, recreational, kids, and green themes, these amenities offer individuals, couples, and families a holistic lifestyle. Residents, guests, friends, and extended families can revel in luxurious living experiences at Birla Ojasvi — thanks to the thoughtfully designed world-class amenities.

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